domingo, junio 03, 2007


1. Something isn't right. Matthew Herbert. !K7 / Accidental.
2. Bossa per due. Nicola Conte. Schema Records.
3. The soundtrack of my life. DJ Mibor. Chocolat Soul Records.
4. Calle de candela. Gerardo Frisina. Schema Records.
5. Say you belong to me. Us3.
6. Chaví. Peret. Lovemonk.
7. Excess access. Scud Hero. Discos necesarios.
8. Astartöfrar. Björk. One Little Indian.
9. Bosa 31. Rosalia De Souza. Schema Records.
10. Bosa 31 (Buscemi remix). Rosalia De Souza. Schema Records.
11. Third generation. Llibert Fortuny. Nuevos Medios.
12. This could be the star of something. The Five Corners Quintet feat. Mark Murphy. Ricky-Tick Records.
13. Doo uap, doo uap, doo uap. Gabin. Virgin.
14. Highway blues. Troublemakers. Blue Note.
15. Conga madness. Zero dB. Ninja Tune.
16. Torch of freedom. [Re:Jazz]. INFRACom!.
17. Expecting repercussions. Mathias Vogt Trio. INFRACom!.
18. We are Povo. Povo. Raw Fusion Recordings.
19. Touched by the hand of Tenorio. Les Hommes. Schema Records/ ESL Music.
20. The final meal of Stacey Lawton. Matthew Herbert. Accidental.


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