miércoles, diciembre 05, 2007


1. Give it up or turn it a loose. Marva Whitney. Shout!
2. (I'm coming back to) the coming-back. Osaka Monaurail. Shout!/ Unique Records.
3. 100 days 100 nights. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings. Daptone Records.
4. Hope. Glenn Anthony Henry. Funkorama Records/ Unique Records.
5. Who's the king. Joseph Henry. Daptone.
6. I truly believe in love. Marvell Hampton. Piggylove.
7. It's not too late. Charyl Johnson.
8. All because of you. LeRoy Hutson. Curtom.
9. First taste of heart. Willie Tee. Gatur.
10. Love runs out. Wilie Hutch. ABC.
11. The needle's eye. Gill Scott Heron. Flying Dutchman Productions.
12. My Story. Kero One. Plug Label.

Selección de Jose Lledó, de Discos Mardigras!

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