martes, marzo 11, 2008


1. Singing in the rain. Matthew Herbert. !K7 / Accidental.
2. I don't know. Glen Anthony Henry. Funkorama Records/ Unique Records.
3. Hey, man! Atlas. Sonorama Records.
4. Blues nº13. Leo Gianetto. Audia Records.
5. Soda. Michael Fakesch. Musik Aus Strom.
6. All is full of love (in love with Funkstörung remix). Björk. Studio !K7.
7. Sycamore blues (Dublex Inc. remix). Gecko Turner. Lovemonk.
8. Man of the blues. Popa Chubby. Blind Pig.
9. Let's go everywhere. Medeski, Martin & Wood. Little Monster Records.
10. The final meal of Stacey Lawton. Matthew Herbert. Accidental.


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